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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 2, 2007 || 2:35 pm

Sk8, don’t H8


:: sam is beautiful on a board ::

I’m sick of all skaters getting a bad rap/poor treatment just because there are a mess of dipshits on boards out there. My kid is a respectful, mannerly skater. Ask him to leave, and he will. Ask him to stay and teach you to ollie and he will.

Just because a kid has a set of trucks and four wheels beneath his feet doesn’t automatically make him a dickhead. The shaggy-haired boy you are growling at may just be a really swell person; take a minute to get to know him and his kind.

In other news, I’m setting up the new system at work (you know it’s bad when they let the technotard handle things), so that means I’m here after-hours. Lots and lots of Keying-In Of Things. Hit me up on GoogleTalk, sweeties….just ignore the away message. If I’m here, I’ll respond. That includes tomorrow (SATURDAY, AUUUGHHH!) as well.

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