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Jett Superior laid this on you on || March 27, 2007 || 9:53 pm

you know it

(from my personal journal, Sunday evening)

I have been listening to Nick Cave all weekend. I should know better. Now I have a music hangover.

The best thing I heard/experienced all week happened in Wal-Mart’s parking lot a couple of hours ago. I was there to buy stuff (portobellos, poblanos, romano and asiago, tomatoes) for omelettes–yay, breakfasts for dinners! There is this guy that works there; he is a cart rounder, is moderately retarded and love-love-LOVES his job. He always looks so very happy to be there and gathering those carts! I catch myself looking around to see if he’s out bobbing around the parking lot whenever I (am broken by perceived need and forced to) shop at the grody retail monolith.

(Ayuh, I rail on and on about this place, but there are so many wonderful characters walking ’round here; I really NEED to pin them down to some pages for publishing)

Today I didn’t have to look so hard, because the Happy Cart Rounder was near the door and talking to an older gentleman. The older man looked equal parts bewildered and transfixed by what was transpiring. As I passed by them, I caught just one sentence of what the cart rounder was saying.

“Well, you know, you’ve got to get in where you fit in.”

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  1. Suzanne 3.28.2007

    I’ve always thought an interesting book title would be Conversations Overhead at Walmart.

    Many moons ago I had an interesting experience in the checkout line behind this lovely (4-tooth-chain-smoking-trailer-trash) grandmother and her (rotund-buzz-cut-camo-wearing-pre-teen) grandson. There were several other rotten fruits from this family tree in tow as well.

    As a small excerpt of the sweet family exchange I witnessed:

    “Junior, I am NOT going to buy you that _______ (insert toy name)!!! Why don’t you ask your deddy to git it for ya? Oh wait, yur deddy’s in PRISON, ain’t he?”

    When this family FINALLY completed their transaction and walked out of the store, the whole front half of Walmart clapped and cheered – customers, greeters, managers… you name it!

  2. Shamrock 3.28.2007

    I loved this. My supermarket is full of folks like this – the cart grabbers, a bagger (Kenny), a “straightener” (Joanne), and a lovely lady (Marie) who returns misplaced items to the shelves where they belong. Each of them does their job perfectly – they found where they fit in. Wish I could.


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