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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 10, 2007 || 11:30 am

All in a day’s woik.

So, last Friday all of the girls down here in the front of the orifice were swapping recipes for various things. This was necessary because, der, family Easter dinners-slash-egghunts require the cartage of one dessert, one side (Memaws usually bring the ham, natch) and possibly one two-liter of Pepsi. Like the good and true Southerin women we are, of course we would all be upholding this tradition.

In the midst of all the food talk flying about, Young Hotdoc’s significant other came through the front door. Miss Caro –the office matron– called to her, “Hey Kris, would you like some recipes?”

“Recipes for what?” Kris asked.

“DISASTER!” hollered Tess, slamming her hands down on her desk. I yelled “CHAOS!!” nearly right on top of her while flinging my arms out.

“Where do you people put your braaaaains?” Miss Caro asked us, “Because you sure don’t bring them to work.”

(I made a strawberry cobbler and an Asian noodle sallit, by the way.)

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  1. Shamrock 4.10.2007

    Can I have the recipe? (for the noodles or the cobbler; already got the Chaos and Disaster down pat – handed down for generations in this family)

  2. Jettomatika 4.14.2007



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