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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 18, 2007 || 9:38 pm

Mine will all be of bombs and things careening willy-nilly.

I am the worst kind of girl.

Tonight I am drinking a Pepsi, eating hotwings rather sloppily (i.e., not at all pristinely and not employing near enough napkins or precision), sitting in an unattractive-slash-boyish manner, listening to acid jazz and flipping the bird at various websites while hoping their owners get the overall tone of the vibe I’m sending them over all these gateways and miles.

You have yourself some sweet dreams, kittens.

Pee ess….a poem of the afterthought variety, entitled:

She fakes left and shoots it over to Robinson, who catches it every time.

I feel like a

lion roaring


when I

write. This

is all at

once a

great and



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