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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 26, 2007 || 8:47 am

My best friend is brilliant and spastic and random.

She was smokin’ some good stuff, if she had clouds in her coffee.”

Tell me about your best friend. Also, name the song lyric that off-the-cuff remark was sourced from and mebbe* I’ll send you a present.

UPDATE, Twelve-eighteen pee emm: We just did interpretive dance to ‘Say You, Say Me’. Lionel Richie, you stupendously gifted bastard.

*Where ‘mebbe’='you people know damn well I like to mail wondrous kitsch to Cyberian strangers’

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  1. MotherFury 4.26.2007

    “You’re So Vain” – Carly Simon.

    Send nothing. The pleasure of your company is more than enough.

  2. Jettomatika 4.26.2007

    I love you, MotherFury, you magnificent tart.


  3. skillzy 4.26.2007

    Dang, I knew that one too. Wrap up yer best friend in some red ribbon and send her to me. Kitschy!

  4. MotherFury 4.26.2007

    I’m home. I can’t say as though it was safely. I think we pissed off some people around Columbus. They might still be looking for us. :-D

    Yours in Tartiness,


  5. J Dazzle 4.26.2007

    I knew it as soon as I read it. And I get her and someone else has beat me to it. Can I get some points for knowing that James Taylor used to be married to Carly Simon.

  6. Jettomatika 4.26.2007


    Only if you can name my absolute favoritist JT song. Think outside the box on this one, baby.

    Love and hambones,


  7. J Dazzle 4.27.2007

    Carolina in my mind?

    that or Your Smiling Face

  8. Jettomatika 5.2.2007

    ‘Close Your Eyes’

    like sorghum, slow and sweet.

  9. Suzanne 5.7.2007

    My best friend Mimi is about as different from me as it gets. And I’d love to tell you all about her….just as soon as I can somewhat organize my thoughts on the subject! Will email when I can.


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