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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 14, 2007 || 10:40 pm

My extraordinary powers in action.

Magically, *poof*, one by one (well, Mathias and Lili went in a pair) the children disappeared unexpectedly this afternoon. Trust me, I was just as baffled by it then as you are now. But when you have five children milling about and yukking it up, and then you don’t, you go out, get a little sideways and go see a movie whose main star is ‘biblical prophecy’. Then you come home and light a fire in the bedroom.

No, really. We have a fireplace in there.

Shortly after arriving home, I was strolling around, shedding clothing, when I saw my spouse peering fixedly into his Magic 8-Ball. It was a crank gift to him from me a few Christmases ago. Seems I should have taken a shake myself and asked it, “Will you be a pain in my ass later on down the line?” before purchasing the thing. But hindsight don’t need glasses and all that.

“You’re not going to get to [insert name of certain, specific sex act here] tonight.” He was getting lucky anyway, he knew that; with the appropriate amount of air and opportunity, that is always a given.

He looked up and grinned big, dead caught.

“That was it. That was exactly what I was asking it.”

“Are you embarrassed that I knew precisely what was in your head?”

“No, just a little sad that you said ‘No’ to it.”

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