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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 26, 2007 || 10:27 pm

Today at work, courtesy of various patients:

I got smacked on the ass.

I got serenaded. Tune was ‘It Was Almost Like A Song‘ and it was rendered pitch-perfect and with lots of heart.

My last patient of the day came in deeee-runk, toting a beverage carrier stuffed with styrofoam cups. Large ones. With straws. They, in turn, were stuffed with margaritas. “TOP SHELF,” he whispered loudly to me and patted my cheek, “from your favorite bartender!” Seems he’d slickstered his way into this minor illegality by putting on his Charming Southern Barrister face. Did I forget to mention he’s one of my attorneys? Yes, ‘one’ of my attorneys. Surely all you folk know by now that I have a sinister cabal of lawyerly silvertongues on retainer from Birmingham to Memphis. It’s almost as if there’s one for my every personality trait, and yessir, they are all good for free drinks and wicked-funny storehs. It never hurts to associate with (more than?) your share of lawyers. Never, ever bed one, though.

Yep. Just another day in the life of your friendly neighborhood healthcare professional.

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