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Jett Superior laid this on you on || April 19, 2007 || 11:55 am

What Tessa just said:

Tessa’s Daddy is here talking to the doc. They are upstairs male-bonding and stuffs.

“Wait, did he just say ‘crap’??

“Holy cow, I’ve never heard my daddy say ‘crap’. He’s always went straight to shit.”

Tess’ Daddy has a pocket watch that is inscribed, “Give ‘em hell, Daddy, all the time.” Tess gave it to him a million Christmases ago. I swear, I love these people like I was born to them.

We always end with a neck-hug and him telling me, “I love ya, stink,” to which I respond, “Well, I don’t even like you.”

Today there was an addendum, because the sun is shining and there’s a light breeze and he has on a new pair of overhauls. There’s also a fresh shave and haircut involved. This all culminates in extra-chipper orneriness.

TD: Do you think they’s any love lost?

JETT: Sommers. Maybe down around our bowels.

TD: Guess that means one day we’ll give a crap.

JETT: Something like that.

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