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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 4, 2007 || 9:36 pm

I accept that challenge.

Let’s discuss the topic of how there is not a damn thing in the world wrong with forming a kick-line in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot. This is done, of course, so that your bodies can accompany your voices in an enthusiastic public performance of ‘We Care A Lot’.

(only, substitute ‘Miller’ for ‘Live Aid’. also? ad-lib verses about beer and barbequing* and inner tubes. tag off on the flow, yo)

Yaaaaay, early onset of stifling summer evening humidity.

I saw ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ today and cried like a bitch. I guess I’m just a wobbly pile of soft touch.

And right quick, a poll: How long do you stand your ground? I mean, at what point do you cave? Ten minutes, a fortnight? Sixteen months or eighteen years? Can stubborn heel-digging last ad infinitum?

Mostimes I forget that the word season can apply to any span of time marked by a certain commonality of purpose, and not just four periods in each year. Also that it means to age something, and not in a bad way….in the way that improves it.

“In good season” is a musical phrase, but the philosophy behind it frustrates the total fuck out of me. ‘All in due time,’ it means. Due time has always had the sniff of an alien, enemy philosophy, no matter how hard I try to suit myself to it. Its edges feel altogether too unyeilding.

*which looks for all the world like it should be pronounced ‘barbee kweeng’, dunnit?

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  1. c 5.5.2007

    tis my fav farrell movie

  2. skillzy 5.5.2007

    “Never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in”

    Winston Churchill

    I think that covers it.

  3. Suzanne 5.7.2007

    How long do I stand my ground? FOREVER… even if it is later realized that my opinion might not necessarily be correct, I hold steadfast. (It’s one of the Taurus traits I’m not most proud of.)

  4. Suzanne 5.7.2007

    And I haven’t seen Stranger than Fiction yet… but damn if Blades of Glory didn’t make my laugh my ass off! Luv me some Will Farrell

  5. john 5.15.2007

    We get two seasons; tourist and hurricane. The former just ended.

    I tend to be a stubborn sort on standing, though I usually know when to head for higher ground, which sounds better than to cave, which is odd because one can’t mountain, but you can be plain. We’ll not you.


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