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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 8, 2007 || 10:53 pm

La Movida

mexican dance hall
:: stage right view ::

Driving in the middle of nowhere one evening, something shiny caught my eye. It was a service entrance at the back of an ugly cinderblock building; just inside it silver streamers flew everywhere. Their presence was given away by rows and rows of clear Christmas lights tacked to the ceilings, making the streamers wink and holler into the night.

Come on, you can’t ignore loud, glittery things on an otherwise unassuming evening in the middle of what would usually be Just Another Field on County Road Somethingorother.

Turned out to be a Mexican dance hall, and after making the acquaintence of the rough-voiced older blonde (she is pretty and angular in that hard-planed way that many Appalachian women –at least in these parts– are) that owned it, I was allowed free-wander of the place with my camera. There was a family setting up one half for the evening’s festivities; there was another family setting up for the next day’s.

“Yeah, you should come back tomorra night,” said Peggy, the proprietress, “There’s a christening. They have this whole ceremony. They do this thing with a turkey.”

This thing with a turkey: I didn’t bother to ask what, preferring to leave questions in the air between us as I thanked her and went back down the hill to my car.

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