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|| May 4, 2007 || 9:36 pm || Comments (5) ||

I accept that challenge.

Let’s discuss the topic of how there is not a damn thing in the world wrong with forming a kick-line in the Piggly Wiggly parking lot. This is done, of course, so that your bodies can accompany your voices in an enthusiastic public performance of ‘We Care A Lot’.

(only, substitute ‘Miller’ for ‘Live Aid’. also? ad-lib verses about beer and barbequing* and inner tubes. tag off on the flow, yo)

Yaaaaay, early onset of stifling summer evening humidity.

I saw ‘Stranger Than Fiction’ today and cried like a bitch. I guess I’m just a wobbly pile of soft touch.

And right quick, a poll: How long do you stand your ground? I mean, at what point do you cave? Ten minutes, a fortnight? Sixteen months or eighteen years? Can stubborn heel-digging last ad infinitum?

Mostimes I forget that the word season can apply to any span of time marked by a certain commonality of purpose, and not just four periods in each year. Also that it means to age something, and not in a bad way….in the way that improves it.

“In good season” is a musical phrase, but the philosophy behind it frustrates the total fuck out of me. ‘All in due time,’ it means. Due time has always had the sniff of an alien, enemy philosophy, no matter how hard I try to suit myself to it. Its edges feel altogether too unyeilding.

*which looks for all the world like it should be pronounced ‘barbee kweeng’, dunnit?

|| May 3, 2007 || 9:35 pm || Comments (3) ||

Beware the runaway chickpea.

Maxim has food poisoning. Hummus.

Trust me when I tell you this: It is not pretty and you do not want details.

Poor, pooooor Maxim.

|| May 2, 2007 || 10:34 pm || Comments (0) ||

(just one more thing to love)

There are many things I dig about my church, but tonight while we were in ’small group’, something emerged that made me absolutely giddy with delight.

Out of a conversation on spirituality, a discussion about quantum physics bloomed. There we were, a handful of God-loving dorks leaning in, fascinated, exciting ideas unfolding in front of us, being opened up and stretched and bandied about. I swear, I might have drooled.

The same old stuff, as it were, but in a new direction. Who says Christianity doesn’t demand some complex thought be served alongside absolute faith? Heaven is rife with possibility and glorious improbability, both waiting to see the light of day.