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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 31, 2007 || 8:58 am



I know it’s probably a sick sort of throwback from my cheerleadery days, but man do ponytails ever make me happy.

I! HAVE! A PONYTAIL! Ain’t nothin’ gonna bring me down in light of that fact.

Please do weigh in with your opinion of ponytails. Should you not have any insight on that subject, then expounding on ponies –Shetland or otherwise– will be acceptable in lieu of ponytail-talk.


pee ess…a flickr search on the phrase ‘redneck fun‘ yielded this result. Those wacky French!

UPDATE, seventeen minutes later: Oh. Oh my.

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  1. J Dazzle 5.31.2007

    So I used to use Bloglines to keep up with the blogs that I read yours included. And now I want to switch to Google Reader and it says there is no feed for you. What gives?

  2. Shamrock 5.31.2007

    Seems like everyone around here wears ponytails except me. Whenever I go to yoga, the instructor always asks “don’t you want to put your hair up?” Can’t do it; it feels weird. I thought I was the anomaly. PS – your “Oh my” link should have included a warning for the gastronomically or visually sensitive types. Ack.

  3. Jettomatika 5.31.2007

    J: you didn’t know? I am a technotard of the highest order.

  4. Suzanne 6.1.2007

    Now I have heard a theory that the lower a pony tail is placed on someone’s head the higher their intelligence. (i.e., if a pony tail is placed very high up, and especially if it includes some frilly/lacey scrunchy or ribbons, stay away!)

    Me personally? – I wear mine pulled up in a ‘tail more often than not… because I work from home and my dogs don’t seem to care what my hair looks like most days. For general public viewing, it’s usually down though. Unless it’s VERY hot (always in the summer)… or I’m sportin about in the convertible…. or just don’t feel like putting the extra effort into anything… (okay – so maybe I wear it in a ‘tail more often than I think while out and about!)

    That has to be the longest amount of time I have ever thought about pony tails in one sitting… and it is strangely alarming.

  5. J Dazzle 6.2.2007

    How do I fix it though. Because my Bloglines acct still had a feed for you. But it’s clumsy and I’d rather use Google Reader. Btw, it is just me or has Google taken over every aspect of life?

  6. Jettomatika 6.3.2007


    I would offer to loan you one of my geeks (i.e. Unx or Skillzy or Richard), but I am exTREEEEmly territorial and nothing good can come of it.

    Besides which, you might tucker them out and then I’d be really fucked when I needed them for my own nefarious purposes.

    Suze: Cut it off. When I found myself wearing my hair up more than down (in a pony, nonetheless), I figured I wouldn’t miss it much if it was whacked off and given to a needy bald child. So that’s what I done did. Thinking about growing it out again, but I do so love short(ish) hairs.


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