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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 30, 2007 || 10:14 pm


Today I placed my hand on the back of a guy’s neck, leaned in to him and –with my lips a mere inch from his ear– whispered, “I don’t usually do this, but God says that He already released you and now it’s time for you to release yourself.” He put his head in his hands and cried. He was from Wyoming, I think he said.

Today the Young HotDoc said to me, “Thank you Baby Jesus for ‘Rocketman‘,” and lifted his eyes toward heaven. Or maybe it was the ceiling-mount speakers, I dunno. I said reverently, “Selah.” and I also said, “You know, that is the most profound thing you’ve ever said to me during working hours.” Then we had apple slices smeared with peanut butter.

Today when I got out of bed, I said, “I just want to be a blessing to somebody today.” Sounds very, um, Pollyanna, doesn’t it? I say that most every day when I get out of bed. Only, today it felt sort of rote and stale. That startled me and I didn’t like it.

Today I thanked my green Bic for being readily available and steady in service whenever I need it. It’s not the first lighter I go looking for, but it’s always there when it’s the last. There is some profundity in that, I think. I used it to light a candle. That candle smells really, really good.

Today I stopped at the Mexican Trucktm to buy a plate of tacos pastor. I always adopt a persona when I go to the Mexican Trucktm and that persona is the one of Wacky Blonde Gringa. I speak to them in a melange of hand gestures and fluid Spanish and staccato English. I always ask for extra cilantro and I also always ask if they have salsa verde. Nine times out of ten they do not (they hoard it up like gold, I swear); those nine times I writhe around for a minute like I’m being killed and moan “Oh nooooooo….” Then I gather my composure right up neatly like nothing of the sort ever happened and say, “Okay!” brightly. Three brothers run the truck and the most handsome of the three is always the one that has his face poked out of the window some eight feet in the air, taking in my antics merrily. I think about if the roles were reversed; how, if I and two of my Italian cousins were packed into that truck pushing cannoli, he would banter with me. But Italians don’t do the food truck thing, so that’s just a silly thing to reckon on.

Today I had a conversation with my VGF (very good friend, if you aren’t in the know) Richard via the mighty GTAWK. He was telling me about his two-years-old niece and her languageplay:

Richard: she stacks words together until she gets a response

[note to the masses: we had just covered an impressive 'colorful' phrase she's apparently been barking as of late]


Jett: and I mean, NO REALLY I LOVE THAT

Richard: no doubt

Richard:it’s kinda your MO too

Jett: I’m going to quote you on that, you know

In short, his niece is brilliant, squishy cheeks and all. That must make me brilliant, as well, squishy cheeks and all.

Today I was part of a travelling music revue. While Sam and Scout swapped out lead on ‘Golden Days‘, Piper and I took backing vocals and Lili and Mathias handled percussion (what, you don’t have a set of One Shots and some sweet little bongos readily available in your vehicle? these item are important to carry along in your car: a roadside emergency kit, a stash of extra napkins, a small first aid kit and Some Percussive Things) as deftly as any seven- and eight-year-old ever would. We had the windows down and the night halogen and waning humidity swirled around us as we swapped singing parts on ‘Accidental Man‘. We closed with ‘I Am A Leaver’, how apropos:

See my soul makes it home / I’m high in wretched why / I’m standing here alone.

I left you on the street / With a face so long, that it touched your feet.

I am a leaver / Is my time wasting well? / I am a leaver / How have I landed, since I fell?

We sang it in concert, all one voice and pushing, insistent rock-and-roll vibe. Our hair whipped like tendrils of fire around our heads and the brokenness in each of us got left five miles back on the road somewhere to catch up later.

That was what happened today. Some of what happened today, anyway.

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  1. Jettomatika 5.30.2007

    The peanut butter was the chunky kind. I forgot to tell everyone that bit.

  2. skillzy 5.31.2007

    I feel like life is whirling around me like a dust devil this week, so many people flying by me and occasionally stopping to chat while I try to keep my feet on the ground.


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