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Jett Superior laid this on you on || May 20, 2007 || 10:04 pm


I forgot to tell you! At the foster parent appreciation dinner recently, we won a cash doorprize, w00t. It only happened because Maxim arrived before me, got the ticket, stuck the ticket in his pocket; I didn’t see, touch or breathe on that thing.

When they started the prize giveaways, I was leaned up against a wall, a gaggle of social workers surrounding me, doing catchup. I haven’t seen some of these people since I stopped working for the state a couple of years ago.

“Oooh!” I said, “Ooooh, watch this: We are gonna win because I’ve not sullied that ticket’s mojo.” Sure enough, ours was the second number called.

“Told you,” I said smugly. Everyone was understandably wowed.

Hey, have I forgotten to tell you that Scout is going back to Scotland on a mission trip next month? Maxim is going, as well. We started out with Piper and Sam headed over as well, but various circumstances and situations have altered those plans.Me, I’m staying home, because I’m not ‘called to go’ this go-round.

Anyway, Maxim’s funding was short by a (relatively small) triple-digit amount. What we won that night was exactly that number, so I told him to keep it all and apply it toward his balance.

And just in case you were wondering? Yes indeed, we foster parents are getting rich off of all this kid-farming business. RIIIIIICH, I TELLS YE.

pee ess…I still miss the old Blogger splash page.

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  1. Brilliant! And they’re gonna convert them all from saying “och” too!

  2. Jettomatika 5.21.2007

    Souls first, grammar second.

    There is a divine order to these things, you know.

  3. Oh lassie, I guess ye be right.

  4. Jettomatika 5.21.2007



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