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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 18, 2007 || 2:16 pm

A surprising bit of judgmentalism:

There is this guy I know who basically only plays video games and sweats. Seriously, that’s pretty much the sum total of what his days consist of.

He fucking disgusts me.

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  1. skillzy 6.19.2007

    Don’t hate the playah, hate the game. Oh, and the sweat.

    I have had times in my life where things got unbalanced and I spent an inordinate amount of time on things that were of little importance. There were probably even times when *I* would have disgusted you. But we move on, and we change, and things work out usually.

  2. MotherFury 6.19.2007

    Ah. You met my son?


  3. Jettomatika 6.19.2007

    Skillz. Srsly.

    Even at the depths of my junkiedom (the second fall down the rabbit hole, natch), I was a functioning and mostly productive adult.

    Of course things sometimes grow unbalanced. That’s how you learn. This boy is grown and his mother is an enabler and the pair of them incite a fury in me.

  4. Jettomatika 6.19.2007


  5. MotherFury 6.19.2007

    Can we just clarify here that *I* was kidding… and am not an enabler. Mostly. Unless it’s about pasta addiction.

  6. john 6.20.2007

    The games these days are better designed to addict the player and consume time. I was a ravenous gamer for many years and still partake, but stay away from things like Worlds of Warcraft and the rest of the Massively Mutiplayer Timesinks.

    In all things moderation, including moderation.

  7. Jettomatika 6.21.2007

    Mother: STOP PANICKING. You *know* that I was in no way making reference to you. >:o) I’ve heard you bitching at J in realtime.

    Juan!: Winter Park, maybe the end of August. You wanna hang? Drinka de spiritsa? Reel down the roads swearing and quoting great physicists? WHAT ARE YOU DOING LABOR DAY WEEKEND?, is what I’m trying to ask.

  8. John 6.21.2007

    Your On!


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