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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 21, 2007 || 10:09 pm

and the mule they rode in on

Shut the fuuuuuck up,” I said in exclamation. I nodded toward the nose of my vehicle while pointing out the windshield, “Dig that!” Tess was on a call. She snapped her phone shut.

We fell apart simultaneously: “AHHHHAhahaa!” And then, struck by the same sledgehammer of inspiration, we both scrambled for our cameras. I tried to keep a steady sixty while I set the camera with both hands, the heel of my left palm the only thing maintaining the wheel.

I wasn’t satisfied with just a picture of his rear gate. I must talk to this man. Gotta get his name, his story. This is how my brain operates: Curiosity sprints so far past Sense that Sense hasn’t a chance in hell of catching up, even on the back stretch. That Curiosity doesn’t wind easily.

“We gotta talk to him.” Tess dutifully went for the window button, sliding the glass down efficiently and leaning back in her seat slightly, grinning, so that I could holler to him.

“HEY!” I yelled past the wind and the few feet between our vehicles, “HEY! WILL YOU PULL OVER SO’S I CAN FIND OUT HOW YOU’VE BEEN WRONGED?” The word ‘wronged’ came out like a big clang.

We meant no harm. We were full of Damn The Man sentiment and wanted to hear him out, to encourage by way of a few ‘Hell Yeah!’ endorsements. Sir, we are kindred spirits. I guess he thought we were mocking him and we couldn’t get him to give us the time of day, really.

“Yeah,” he shouted back, nodding, “you read it and I MEAN EVERY DAMN WORD.” He turned shortly thereafter. I felt disappointed and mildly defeated for a brief time.

His name was Jack. The side of his work truck, also emblazoned with his occupation and phone number, told us so.

and the mule they rode in on

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  1. c 6.21.2007

    I don’t have permission to view that photo.


  2. Jettomatika 6.21.2007

    you caught me in the midst of uploads and edits.


    …aaaaand, the Spirits have been kind despite the fact that it’s only Thurday!

  3. Jettomatika 6.21.2007



  4. skillzy 6.22.2007

    Ah, Thirstday! A day of margaritas and hibbity bibbity.

  5. Jettomatika 6.22.2007

    Okay, now you’re just bragging.

    Cut that shit out. Next you’ll be saying that she’s buying the drinks, too.

  6. skillzy 6.22.2007

    Well, she offered, but I have a rule about always paying for the liquid panty remover.


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