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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 3, 2007 || 1:05 pm

Mmmm, coconut.

Everything should have coconut in it.

Every last thing.

UPDATE: hahaha, coconut in our underwear, hahahalolz

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Okay, I’m done for the day. But, don’t forget.

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  1. skillzy 6.4.2007

    I don’t likes the coconut, member? The smell is OK though, it reminds me of shiny brown women at the pool/beach/backyard.

  2. Very fatty apparently. It’s a nut, not a fruit or nothin’. So, I hear, it’s bad for ya. Tastes good though.

  3. Shamrock 6.4.2007

    Macaroons and pina coladas served in a coconut shell. My idea of a perfect summer afternoon.

  4. Jettomatika 6.6.2007

    Shammy: FINALLY! We have an intersection of tastes!

    Dan: Stop being such an Old Man. Also, there are studies that say it is not a readily-absorbed fat and –in certain quantities– is quite good for you.

    Skillz: And we all know your predilection for shiny women, brown or otherwise.

  5. marc 6.15.2007

    Cocnut is nature’s vomit inducing carpet fiber. Well, to me. I guess I’ll allow others to have different opinions of it. This time.

  6. Jettomatika 6.15.2007

    marc, I am always insanely jazzed when you comment.

    e’en if you are heavy-handed and somewhat fascist. come gtawk me, daddy.


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