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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 15, 2007 || 9:17 pm


Hi, I’m damn drunk.

Richard thinks a wiley squirrel is responsible for the stabbing aspect of the whole scenario.

I believe, if you check the archives oh My Dear Muffinasses, I’ve always warned against the trusting of squirrels.


(pee ess…my family has inched up the east coast. now five of them are stuck in the godforsaken no-man’s-land that is LaGuardia. my sweet fuck do I hate that airport. I hope they purchase me a tacky magnet while they are there. I know that Cuomo is no longer mayor, but something with his head on it would be entirely tasty.)

FACE IT: I make more sense hammered than most people do fresh out of the gate, sober and with a solid nine hours of sleep. This is why we all keep coming back here. And yes, it is quickly turning into a Fully Obnoxious Drunk. I only say this to warn you if you are trying to engage me in Teh Interenetseds Chattings.

….and by the way, Filter and The Crystal Method invite you to ‘Trip Like I Do’.

Hey, does anyone remember when we were all tickled –rather than saddened– by my drunk posts?? I’m blowing the requisite Voyeurnal Queen* kisses at each and every last one of you. Peace and pop-tarts, y’all. There may be overwrought portry soon, one can never tell.

*tee-shirt, all you folk

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  1. skillzy 6.16.2007

    Who is saddened? A good, cleansing drunk is part of the natural order of things and necessary for the soul. Without them, you might turn into an intolerable tightass. But be careful – too many of them and you might become an annoying cliche’. Hope your head isn’t too sore today! Muchas smoochas.

  2. Jettomatika 6.18.2007

    ME? AN INTOLERABLE TIGHTASS?? AHHHHAhahaa! Intolerable, yes, and perhaps even now. Tightass? Nevah, kid.

    I woke up feeling crazy-spiffy; it was great.

    That was all spoken like a true Scotsman, btw. Gotta love you Scots.


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