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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 26, 2007 || 4:06 pm

right, round and quick

Shut UP, I’m exCITEd about the new Transformers movie and I am not even keedengk about that.

Ever since the Horrible Shoulder Ordeal of last year my left collarbone is all jacked. Having a jacked collarbone is not half so effortlessly sexy as it might sound; oh no, not at all. It inhibits you after a certain fashion. For instance, –if you want to be hindcatcher in a quick, impromptu pick-up game on your lunch hour(s)– you don’t have the ability to do the lightning whip-around thing that once garnered you a wee bit of attention as A Girl That Can Hold Her Own On The Ballfield.

Okay, I can still do it, but my collarbone doesna keep up with me half so well as it used to. This is disheartening. This means there is just one more instance in my life where I have to put on my Game Face tm and Suck It Upalso tm. It also probably means my kegstand days are over*.

It means, as well, that several times a day –’specially if I’m doing something repetitive with my left arm/shoulder– there is this not-so-funny kerchunk, kerchunk sound emanating from that wicked wee bone.

Which kind of reminds me of Transformers, and that’s how all this nonsense I just typed ties in to the first paragraph. Never, never doubt my literary prowess, Muffinasses.


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  1. SHamrock 6.26.2007

    Gettin’ older ain’t fer sissies, you know. I plan to have all my joints replaced by the time I’m 60, so I’ll be stronger than the Bionic Woman. Which makes me wonder if there’ll ever be a “Bionic Woman vs. the Transformers” movie. Probably. Heh.

  2. skillzy 6.27.2007

    I just got some reading glasses, does that make me bionic? Imma start making that Steve Austin “DUH-nananananana” sound when I put them on.

    Another LITTLE KNOWN FACT that I WISH SOMEONE HAD TOLD ME is that having reading glasses apparently makes you irresistible to the womens. Maybe it’s a conicidence, I’m not so sure.

  3. Jettomatika 7.1.2007


    pleasepleaseplease, teevee powers that be, please don’t fux0r it up.

    …and Skillzy, I will tell you anything if you only just axe me.


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