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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 17, 2007 || 3:22 am

The bees serenade

We place our wishes carefully on window sills,

We bribe our emotions for truce.

I should forget myself in some form of wicked shame

But I’m more concerned with the willing of time.

There is a beginning and ending in every breath:

Over and over we meet and cease to know one another.

All this in the space of inhale-exhale….

And do not, not for one second, discount a sob.

Meted out in these breaths, I have known you for

Hundreds of years only just this week;

I have made your acquaintance as many times.

Had I not ever been brought to you,

I would never have found that the bees serenade in screams

And the dead work to curry favor on my behalf,

Oceans beg to wrap themselves in trees

And growing men shoulder complex burdens.

The fabric of place and moment and being:

There is nowhere that I’d not go

If just to stand and look askance at you

For a hair’s-breadth of time

(I think I could even resign myself to

Sight Unseen, Purpose Unrevealed, Heart Waylaid).

My dreams started out gifts.

Now, though….now they cease to be enough.

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  1. chris robinson 6.19.2007

    I’ve read this one over a few times now. It’s a song — one of those cool love songs that go deep to reveal the underlying friendship, respect, and gratitude. I’m moved by the images.

  2. Jettomatika 6.19.2007

    Once again, you totally snap up the vibe I’m laying down. There is an immense friendship at the base of what connects me to Him, there is gratitude that the cosmos saw fit to gift us with one another and there is much there I respect: Abilities, intellect, breadth of heart.

    Even though I have been/still am the one experiencing it, it goes far deeper and more still than even I can fathom and acknowledge. So I wonder, I puzzle, I work through what I can and I leave the rest to faith and timing.

    Some things are simply bigger than us, and that’s all. Thanks….


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