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Jett Superior laid this on you on || June 11, 2007 || 3:53 pm


I’ve had a fairly rough four or five days, for various reasons. Today, the office opened late….like, three pee emm late. Due to extreme circumstances (um, the car –hit by a drunken fucktard– spun countless times and flipped over around three or four), my doctor isn’t here. He’s still in New York state.

Tess and I are doing what we can for patients, administering therapies and the like.

A few minutes ago, a dapper little old man came in with his wife. They are a precious couple, and the type of elderly persons that everybody secretly wants to be, I think. I was walking him into a patient room when he pulled up short and looked at me intently.

“My goodness, you sure do look pretty.”

I am wearing street clothes: Trouser-cut denims and a yellow, printed scoop-neck tee and four-inch wedge sandals, nothing special. It made me blush warmly, the spontaneity and earnestness of his compliment.

And my God did I ever need a genuine, non-disgusting, innocent, “You sure do look pretty.” Thank you, Mister Warren, you sweet, sweet man. Thank you.

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  1. chris robinson 6.12.2007

    I’m really hoping you (or anyone else) was in the car when it was hit. Give me a little ambiguity and I’ll start looking for the bright side.

  2. Jettomatika 6.13.2007

    HotDoc was in the car with four other people. It’s fucking amazing that they all made it out upright and with everything in order.

    Nobody, technically, was hurt. Lots of stiffness and exhaustion (bodily and emotional) ensued. The drunktard ran away on foot and has yet to be found.

    Reason number eight-thousand and twenty-four to say, “I hate people, they are dumb.”

  3. chris robinson 6.13.2007

    Talk about ambiguity — I meant to say “were not in the car,” but you got that. I’m thankful everyone was okay.


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