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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 9, 2007 || 2:43 pm

in case you were wondering…

I probably work in the only office on the face of the planet where you rush to close your boxed meal instead of your browser window. IT IS GREAT STUFF.

Also, my best friend sits five feet away and we can surreptitiously type one another up about incoming patients:

JETT: His credict carrud says see I.D.,

JETT: but I’ve seen his penis, so do I still have to ask?

TESS: OMG, when did you see THE PENIS??

JETT: aaaages ago. refers to it as ‘him’


TESS: shut. your! mouth.

pee ess….if Skillzy has your phone number, please be aware that he will call you while you are otherwise unawares of his ability to record you and then post your curseswearing on his voyeurnal for all of Cyberia to hear. So, to my mother, who pretends like I don’t have a weblog in the same manner she plays like I’ve never been to rehab: I DO NOT TALK TO BOYS ON THE PHONE AND I CERTAINLY DON’T EVER SAY THE SHIT-WORD OR THE FUCK-WORD IN THE MIDDLE OF POLITE CONVERSATIONS WITH THOSE SAME BOYS I DON’T TALK TO ON THE PHONE.

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  1. skillzy 7.10.2007

    Oh sure, talk about all the random weenies you’ve seen and then try to blame ME for creating the perception that you are a naughty, naughty girl. Who needs to be spanked. Hard. While wearing a schoolgirl outfit.

    You TOTALLY would have done the same thing if the situation was reversed.



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