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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 5, 2007 || 9:04 am

Jack is my favorite, but I wanna be Karen when I grow up.

Recently there was a Will and Grace that I’d never seen and it sported the following lines:

“There’s a hot gay nerd here to see you. I’ve never seen one up close before; they are quite spectacular.”

“You are not the rare hot gay nerd! You are the VERY common hot gay opportunist!”

How on *earth* have I never seen this particular episode?

I caught an interview with the creator of the show a couple of months ago. When asked about the lead characters, he mentioned a quote he’d come across saying something to the effect that loving someone, truly loving them, was an act of will and grace. I thought that was one of the most gorgeous things I’d ever heard. So did he, apparently, because that’s how the characters got their names.

So, in summation: Will and Grace, twee!

What set this post off was Tess, during yestidday afternoon’s festivus, comparing us to those characters:
“Yeah, you’re Will and I’m Grace: You’re hangin’ out, sayin’ all this smart shit and I’m all, ‘I’m hungry.’”

She sucked in her cheeks and widened her eyes, batting her lashes at me. And I –as I am often wont to do in her stellar presence– laughed like a fucking maniac.

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  1. c 7.5.2007

    debra messing has great hair… but it ain’t no mullet

  2. Liar Liar 7.6.2007

    I loved that show! The soon-to-be ex-hub is homophobic, though, so even though he laughed at it (a lot), he was not a fan, and of the mind-set that if he’s not a fan, I shouldn’t watch either.

    I need to get back on the W&G habit. Laughter is an awesome thing.

  3. Jettomatika 7.7.2007

    Liar: SUCH fun to cohabitate with a homophobe.

    c: I had the same haircut around the same time. I’ll have to dig up some photers.


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