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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 16, 2007 || 11:05 pm

(lest I forget)

Over the weekend, I passed the eight-year marker with this whole voyeurnal thing.

Never say:

ay) I can’t stick to any one thing for longer than a minute and

bee) I didn’t warn you and

cee) I’ve never used the word ‘insouciant’ in my writings and

dee) you can’t fully and totally undermine yourself and your own interwebnets popularity by choice, in turn killing your numbers completely and

ee) that a Catholic nun is going to hell because she isn’t Baptist.

I did the ee) thing in second grade and it wasn’t attractive at all. Makes for a good drinking story, though.

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  1. marc 7.17.2007

    Bah, disappearing is easy! I’ve gone from 3000+ a day to something like 4 through the clever use of domain hopping and self-destruction.

    But still damn cool on the 8 year thing. I’m five and a half years into sites they call “blogs”, and pushing 12 on what used to be called “a website I update a lot”.

  2. The Dane 7.20.2007

    I thought you started the blog in in 2000?

  3. Jettomatika 7.20.2007

    I signed up on Blogger seven years ago, back when Pyra labs was developing/launching it. I’ve had a ‘web presence’ for longer than that. I was voyeurnalling regularly (like every day regularly) for a little over a year before I found the Blogger site.



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