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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 22, 2007 || 1:16 am

Official Muffinass Non-Scientific Poll, take one.

Linkdump, and then we’re off to the races.

Today I am fascinated by Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. But only today. Until I go desperately searching for the link six months from now, which is why I’m hanging it here to dry.

Also in the same vein, Cherriflip will send out loads and loads of samples for only five bux0rs. Hooray for the company that encourages sampling off of the goods before you commit to buying a full pot of anything. I hate the layout of their site, but I can forgive that in light of the sample thing.

Today I got around to watching The Devil Wears Prada. Upon my excitement over a certain pair of shoes, Maxim spontaneously offered to pop for half if I could find them at a certain price point sometime in the future. This is major, all you people, MAJOR. You have no idea. As in, he suggested I check Zappos.com for them (HA! And, HA!). Now to stop earning slave wages Doing Good For My Fellow Man. Also? I loathe Prada handbags. Really, does the logo have to be ten miles high on each piece? Does it? So tacky. Too much money to spend on all that tacky. I mean, you expect to have a massive logo on a Gap hoodie or sommat. NOT on a thousand-dollar handbag. Also-also? Meryl Streep, never wear your hair anything remotely like that (color, cut, et al) ever, ever again. No, gurrrrl, nonoNO.

Um, shoe purchasing….these would NOT be impractical to own, really, as I don’t have anything shoe-wise in that color.

The Ultimate Transformers Quiz: You’ll never guess my results. Plus, PLEASE MAKE SOME GIRL TRANSFORMERS BEFORE THE NEXT MOVIE, KTHX. Transformers People, I could be your Technical Advisor in such an endeavor! I think I should be hired in this capacity because I have the following qualifications:

one) I have girl genitalia. Despite the rumors.

two) Due to a nasty incident with a large farm implement some two years ago, I had to wear the VARLB. And I have metal implanted Inside My Person. I’ve set the alarms off at various retail extabbishments about yon county.

three) I am kind of a badass.

four) I have my pulse on the heartbeat of several somethings.

five) I am a proficient typist.

six) My mother believes in me.

The Blogathon kids are about to take off running with it. Next weekend, to be exact. This will be the second year I’ve bowed out, and that is starting to feel a little strange. Plus, my charity is nowhere represented, and that kind of asses me. If you want something done, you really must do it yourself, so I can’t see myself missing three years in a row. While you wait for my triumphant return to ‘thonning, you really need to go a pick a someone (or a handful of someones!) to support in their efforts. It’s fun to follow along, as well: Things start getting a little wonky long about hour eight and people are flat-out addlepated by hour eighteen. Who needs Ell Ess Dee when there is twenty-four hour blogging available?

Aside: The fact that mommy is an insomniac really makes it difficult for my children to go a-sneaking out of the house, the little nippers. /Aside

Tonight I am drinking these, just for the novelty of the description: HARD CREAMER. So pornographic and so cute all at the very once. I learned a new word, as well!: Malternatives. So, so precious.

At some point today, in between morning prayers and Having Adventurestm, I painted my toes a shiny, happy, evil-vixeny and delicious crimson red. There is no link to that one, because I let the batteries to my camera die (! and @#$%&^!). I went looking for the backups, but apparently there is some ultra-secret, time- and space-shifting ninja outlet buried somewhere in this three-plus thousand square feet of crazyhouse. I think Ellie Pooch is standing in front of it, but she looks so fucking happy and docile (read: her non-spastic puppy self) that I am loathe to move her. So no snaps of my toes on this most disappointing of days for you footfreaks out there.

NOW! On to the First Official Muffinass Non-Scientific Poll! This came about after some booziness and some heady conversation this evening. I immediately felt it necessary to text a random sampling of Muffinasses with the following question:

Taking a poll me all my boys (and two lesbians): Sweaty chicks, hot or no?

Of course, it was supposed to have read, ‘of all my boys blahblahblaaaaahhh…’ but my proofreading skillz got peed away during one of the post-pitcher bathroom junkets. Bear with me, Oh Mah Poepels, as did the respondents. Here is a random sampling of answers (grossly redundant ones excluded, natch):

+ Post workout, no, post sex, yes

+ If they have hot faces and bods, yes

+ ARE YOU SWEATY? Like, right now?

+ Not

+ Yesss

+ Depends. Usually hot. The kind of girl that gets sweaty is probably involved in some activity that is more or less hot eh

+ Pierced?

+ Not so much

+ Only after you’re “done” and you are the reason for her sweat is the girl hot.

+ during sex sweaty chicks r hot

+ Generally no

+ Definitely

+ Heat would cause them to sweat, but it could also be due to poisoning or infection.

And there you have it, another milestone reached here at [Abuantg.] Please, do feel free to answer the question yourownselves here in the comments or via e-mail (only the boys and the dykes on this one, please); you are also welcome to submit suggestions for future Official Muffinass Non-Scientific Poll endeavors.

Holy shit, I’m pretty plastered. You would not BELIEVE how long it took to format this rambly turdheap of English-Instructor shaming verbiage. Nighty-night!

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  1. Shamrock 7.22.2007

    I am utterly ashamed at the Transformer I turned out to be. Not what I thought at all. I shall have to go spend another four hours at the BPAL site to improve my spirits. Thanks for that link!

  2. roderickm 7.25.2007

    Sorry I missed The Official Response Window.

    Sexy is context and confidence. Is sweaty sexy? It’s all about Why She Is and whether she Meant To Be.

  3. c 7.26.2007

    I thought “hard creamer” was an adjective to describe someone… fucksake

    I’m now confused.


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