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|| July 5, 2007 || 4:44 pm || Comments (0) ||

ze day, she hos been longk.

Dear Mister-Man What Sits In The Lobby Right This Very NOW,

The whistling makes me crazy! STOP IT, STOP IT, STAAAHHHHHP IT before I use my Awesome Powers Of Mind Controltm to sic the other patients all over your zippity-doo-dah arse.

Please listen, for I want to aid in fixing what ails you, not cause it.

Imploringly, because I mostly really like you bunches,

Jett “You Are Testing My Tensile Strength, Aren’tchoo?” Superior

Jack is my favorite, but I wanna be Karen when I grow up.

Recently there was a Will and Grace that I’d never seen and it sported the following lines:

“There’s a hot gay nerd here to see you. I’ve never seen one up close before; they are quite spectacular.”

“You are not the rare hot gay nerd! You are the VERY common hot gay opportunist!”

How on *earth* have I never seen this particular episode?

I caught an interview with the creator of the show a couple of months ago. When asked about the lead characters, he mentioned a quote he’d come across saying something to the effect that loving someone, truly loving them, was an act of will and grace. I thought that was one of the most gorgeous things I’d ever heard. So did he, apparently, because that’s how the characters got their names.

So, in summation: Will and Grace, twee!

What set this post off was Tess, during yestidday afternoon’s festivus, comparing us to those characters:
“Yeah, you’re Will and I’m Grace: You’re hangin’ out, sayin’ all this smart shit and I’m all, ‘I’m hungry.’”

She sucked in her cheeks and widened her eyes, batting her lashes at me. And I –as I am often wont to do in her stellar presence– laughed like a fucking maniac.

|| July 3, 2007 || 3:55 pm || Comments (4) ||

It is these things that delight me.

There is this boy in Italy. In nineteen ninety-nine he was living in Germany and was homesick. He wrote eight of his friends a letter, proposing that they all get together in a specific place eight years later. That meeting took place on 18 May of this year. There was no flickr then, but there just so happens to be now, so the Italian man captured this get-together and posted it for us to share.

What a beautiful idea….from start to finish.

You can find Dario’s blog here.



I just want to take this opportunity to thank the Baby Jesus.

Wait, that read like I’ve never thanked Him before. Let’s try again:

I just want to take this opportunity to thank the Baby Jesus for YET ANOTHER BLESSING in my life.

“LUSH’s entrance in Atlanta is also its entrance to the Southeast, said spokeswoman Brandi Halls.

“LUSH, expected to open in mid-August, will also be surrounded by other upscale retailers that cater to its core customer, women ranging in age from teens to older women looking for quality skin care, Halls said.”

…and the busy honeys like me who treat a good bath like an event ‘cos it IS one. There have been major discussions in my house about a quarterly LUSH Stock Up Road Trip, to include the three Superior women plus one Tess. Skillzy has serious designs on throwing in, as well. Two hours, you people, is not an unreasonable journey to get fresh LUSH product and OMG STORE PARTIES AND FREEBIES IAMSOOOOOLUCKY.

They come to Birmingham? I’ll be at Skillzy’s every other weekend, doing tequila shots and discussing which bombs and melts make the best bath cocktails. Don’t think that boy won’t be sharing a fresh face mask with me from time to time.


|| July 1, 2007 || 4:19 pm || Comments (3) ||


The moral majority has spoken.

SCOUT: “He needs to put some clothes on.”


SCOUT: “I don’t care, that’s no excuse.”

Pondering the inordinary.

SAM: “Hey, what’s it called when you eat yourself?”

JETT: “It’s called unnatural.”

SAM: “Chris said it’s called nastibalism.”

Here’s hoping that Sam sleeps fully clothed tonight.

CHRIS: “Jett?”

JETT: “Yes, Christopher…”

CHRIS: “I love you soooo much. Like, SO much.”

JETT: “Great. Then never, ever feel up one of my daughters.”

CHRIS: “What about Sam?”