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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 17, 2007 || 5:27 pm

small-town living

Sometimes it’s kind of nice when nearly everyone in your small mountain community knows you. Like this afternoon, for instance. Scout was at the office hanging about when we sent her for four pee emm refreshment in the form of fresh cobbler (blackberry) and ice cream (vanilla bean). The cafe we get it from is two blocks up the street and they scoop your hot cobbler into one styrofoam container while your ice cream is scooped into another. Then they are lidded and placed carefully into two separate brown paper sacks for your trip home. The cafe leaves it up to you to blend the two and make sweet melty goodness.

When Scout got back, I began to root through the sacks, pulling out and pairing cobbler with ice cream while Scout giggled. Allison, one of the counter girls, had written on top of each of the ice cream lids.

Container one said:

I licked this one!

Container two said:


Container three said:


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