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Jett Superior laid this on you on || July 19, 2007 || 9:30 am

…and the ‘check engine’ light just came on in my vehicle, but I’m trying not to panic.

I just ate the bessssst Chilton County peach. It kind of brought tears to my eyes. GOD, I LOVE SUMMER IN THE SOUTH.

Another thing that kind of brought tears to my eyes was Skillzy’s trip up from the big city. We were joined by Maxim and Brandy The Hottest Lesbian in DeKalb County. “You can now attest that I don’t just randomly make people up for blog fodder!” I hollered at Skillzy, “Wanna go meet the Irritable Chinese Guy?”

Maxim told him all about how he forbids me to blog about certain things but I do anyway.

Here’s what I was going to write with regard to the visit:

“Skillzy came in. He got nekkid, Tess rubbed him up and down, we all went out carousing, tee-hee-ho-ho, Teh Enz.”

However, Mister Skillzy had to go and be all showoffy:

“And it came to pass that I was beset by demons, and restless, and my burdens bore down upon me, and I grew weary. And a voice came to me in the night, saying “Get thee to Boaz, in the land of the Sandmountainites”. And I was sore afraid, and I spoke to the voice, saying, “But the road to Boaz is long and winding, and the followers of Meth dwell in Boaz, and the handlers of snakes, and the drinkers of poisons. And I shall surely die if I go there”. And the voice replied “Do not tarry. Get thee to Boaz. And stop being such a baby”.”

The piece really is brilliant, though. Especially the part where he refers to me as an ‘angel swathed in a mighty tempest’.

I mean, who could argue with that shit?

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  1. skillzy 7.19.2007

    Oh you thought that angel was you? The reason I was late was because I stopped off at the Tiki Relaxation Spa on the way up so that I wouldn’t be all honry when Tess started working her magic!


    Thanks, angel. You make me blush with your nice words.


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