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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 3, 2007 || 9:15 am

Can’t we have a Picnic Of The Sexes instead? Everybody loves picnics.

I flickrd one of my favorite photos of Scout recently. That same day someone favorited it. Last week I received notice that someone else favorited it, as well as inviting me me to my first flickr group, lots of which are invite-only.

Kind of cool, maybe? Then I followed up and started reading:

“Ginotropia” is the lifestyle I invented for defining my place in the world: I stand for female supremacy. I think feminine is superior, and masculine is inferior. I don’t believe in equality. Women carry life inside –gestation- (anabolism) and face blood each month –menstruation- (catabolism), two beautiful things men can’t experiment, so men have to invent dumb things and make meaningless war trying to reach, in a shallow level, creation and destruction, two forces of our earthly bipolar nature. My “Ginotropia” titled fictional tale (1998) tells about “The Beginning”: into the sun and every other star, feminine is the only and true gender, male was accidentally made outside of stars just for living in this binary system. There’s no such thing as male force in unity.

I don’t believe in equality.” Well, I believe in different but equal. I believe men and women have inherent, as-far-as-east-is-from-west dissonances, but that we complement one another nicely in spite of (and lots of times, because of) that exact thing.

I also believe that a bigoted jackass is a bigoted jackass, and having tits and a twat don’t preclude you from being socially blind and stupid-sexist. It’s just an unfortunate shame that she’s so fucking talented, because now I’m sort of sad that we won’t be getting to know one another.

pee ess….once again and for the record, I LOVE ME SOME MENFOLKS.

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  1. marc 8.3.2007

    The only girlfriend I’ve had was so messed up by her schooling about this sort of stuff she once explained to me in the course of a single afternoon that *all* gender differences were societal constructs, but because woman could give birth they had a deep connection with the particular resonances of the Earth that men could never feel or understand so they shouldn’t be trusted on issues involving the Earth.

  2. skillzy 8.3.2007

    Marc, she may be right. Which would help explain why women can be SOFA KING CRAZY! They feel all the tremblings and messages from the Earth Mother.

    Having said that, I appreciate you taking up for us, Jettster. Cause personally I could take or leave menfolk. I prefer the wimmens. The curvy, swervy, topsy turvy wimmenses.

  3. Jettomatika 8.4.2007

    My Most Beloved and Esteemed Marc,

    I would imagine that after such an experience, batting for the other team might suddenly have a subtle appeal.

    You know, it always amazes me –given your overall personal and political views– the women that you seem to find yourself in the company of. Sure, they may be witty and smart and hot, but why have they no fucking sense, son?

    No wonder you’ve only ever had one ‘real’ girlfriend. I *would* offer you a handjob to make up for your poor treatment at the hands of the ‘fairer’ sex, but then everybody would want one (even the female readers) and I just don’t have that kind of time. Or guilt.

    Call me when you’re drunk this weekend and we’ll make fun of humanity,



  4. marc 8.5.2007

    Such a kind offer with a reasonable excuse. Yeah, this girl was 17 kinds of crazy, which explains why she was with me.

    I tried drunk dialing, but turns out all the numbers I knew weren’t any of yours. But there was a woman in Indianapolis who ended up very interested in my London Broil recipe.

  5. Ima Liar 8.5.2007

    Is it just me, or does anyone else notice that extremists’ views tend to be way off the scale of loony?

    Um, did I just say that? Oof. Sorry. I forgot to put on my “CAPTAIN(ess) OBVIOUS” cape, first.

    Lordy, I need a vacation.

  6. c 8.6.2007

    it’s hard out here for a pimp! I needs to be checkin’ my stable. Ho’s betta have my money.

    Some people think we all need a wicket to fit in. That’s why life is so completely fucking entertaining.

  7. Jettomatika 8.7.2007

    Apparently, marc, you weren’t listening hard enough to the voices in your head. They have my number memorized.

    That or I didn’t have my psychic hat on? Transmission was fuzzy?


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