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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 1, 2007 || 8:44 am

Let’s get all chatty up in my commentses today.

How’s you? Tell mama about it.

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  1. Jettomatika 8.1.2007

    I’ll start: My cankle been hurtin’ worse lately. OWWW!

  2. RDB 8.1.2007

    Twisted. Feels like my left shoulder is 4 inches behind the right.

  3. marc 8.1.2007

    I think my contacts have been switched all week.

  4. Jettomatika 8.1.2007

    Rich: a chiropractor/massage therapist cocktail.

    Marc: any cocktail containing vodka.

    Any other problems I can solve right quick.

  5. Jettomatika 8.1.2007

    I meant, “Any other probs I can solve right quick?”

  6. marc 8.1.2007

    Well now you’re just trying to get me drunk.

  7. skillzy 8.1.2007

    I’m good I’ve just been out running around all day. Have you had any dreams lately about me and someone named Alice? Is anyone even NAMED Alice anymore? I feel that Alice is the key to this whole Brady journey.

    Although, their dog was named Tiger, and I’ve got the hots for this chick with a tiger tattoo on her butt.


  8. Jettomatika 8.2.2007

    Well, Marc, I heard you put out when you’re drunk.

    Skillzy, I think you should be documenting this all very carefully for our upcoming screenplay collab.

  9. Suzanne 8.2.2007

    Skillzy – do I know you? … I have a tiget tattoo on my butt/back and just hoping to have a secret admirer! :-)

    As for me, just flying through summer at warp speed. It’s August already? Jesus, Mary & Joe Cocker!

  10. chris robinson 8.2.2007

    It’s just a dark time. Too hot to think. Rejections to deal with. I’ve been in the throes of anxiety that leaves me breathless. But you make me laugh and I’ve stolen the verbally fluent Maxim’s line about razor blade enemas at least twice. Many thanks to you both and a quick hello to Skillzy. Best of luck with the feline.

  11. Jettomatika 8.2.2007

    Suzanne, I really think you’d know if it were you. I do believe that Skillz has been, ah, ‘disciplining’ the kitty, if you know what I mean.

    Christopher, just wait till I drunkdial you. Wait…you’re not in the office at two ay emm. Or ARE you, perfesser, hmm? You just give me the high sign and your voicemail will be slap full.

  12. Jettomatika 8.2.2007

    SUZE! Mebbe Hotlanter in mid-Sept.


    (and Neiman Marcus, *swoon*)

  13. skillzy 8.2.2007

    Suzanne, if you will send me a picture of the tiger/badonkadonk in question, I’ll be able to determine if yours is the tiger I was referring to. Or the one I’ll start chasing. Whichever.

    In any case, I have not had my hands on the tiger I referred to. Yet.

  14. Shamrock 8.2.2007

    Jesus, Mary AND Joe Cocker? I’m-a gettin’ baptized raht quick. /But I’ll never pass for Southern, sorry/

  15. melly 8.2.2007

    Better. I don’t think I’m going to get the city job that I was after, but OH WELL. Love you.

  16. Ima Liar 8.2.2007

    Well, I’m late getting to the party, but I’m a fish outta water around here. In MO, I considered myself almost-southern, and I was there for 30 years. In GA, I considered myself a displaced southerner (no one around me was actually from there), and now, here I am, in Yankee territory (team-wise and location-wise), and everyone teases me about my GA accent, when it’s not even GA!

    And I work with too many women. I need more testosterone in my life.

  17. Jettomatika 8.4.2007

    Shammy, you are Irish and that is pretty okay. Try not to beat yourself up about that whole Yankee thing.

    Liar, there is always ALWAYS room for testesterozzone.

  18. Jettomatika 8.4.2007


    Sex with me. Now. I’m suddenly amenable to that, because I realize you are particularly vulnerable right now. But we’ll not call it a pity fuck, *wink-wink*.

    All teh luvs,

    The Walking Head Wound


  19. Suzanne 8.4.2007

    Just keep me posted bout the Hotlanta trip. I’m always game for shopping, cocktails, some good live muzak… or any combination of the above for that matter.

    Lots of new premo designer shops planned for Buckhead area in particular… now that Big Money has purchased all the real estate and closed down pretty much the whole bar district there. (End of an era! But long live the memories from Lulu’s Bait Shack!)

  20. Jettomatika 8.5.2007

    Dear Buckhead,

    We loved ye whilst we knew ye.

    But, SHOES! YEAH!



  21. chris robinson 8.6.2007

    Oh, to be drunkdialed by Jett Superior. Now that would be something.

  22. skillzy 8.6.2007

    Just a heads up – I will gladly go drinkin and to the skrip club and to the HOUSE OF LUSH with y’all. But I draw the line at shoe shoppin. No way, Jose.

  23. Jettomatika 8.7.2007


    A) we are all amazons and

    B) you will be outnumbered

    Any aberrant behavior and you will find yourself hogtied.

    Waaaay to gooooo on the whole ipstray ubclay thing. THAT WAS GOING TO BE A SURPRISE STORY FOR THE MUFFINASS NATION. Because you *know* there will be adventures, it being my first stroll up into a titty bar and all. LOSER.

    Your friend who can also be the boss of you,


    pee ess…you can be forgiven your tongue-wagging for the mere cost of one Soft Coeur massage bar. Or a hunk of Joy of Jelly; your call.

  24. Jettomatika 8.7.2007

    And Christopher! Send me the digits and make sure your wife knows I’ll be calling. Because, really, leaving you Drunken Idiot Voicemails will only entertain me for so long. Eventually it will get personal and I’ll have to make fun of your Yankee accent or sommat.

    Live streaming conversation? I’m a wholesale charmer. Even drunk.

  25. redclay 8.11.2007

    “It’s rough. It’s been rough on that food. It’s different eating here than it is at the house. Ain’t got no sweet tea, and ain’t got no fried chicken.”

    —Boo Weekley, PGA golfer from Milton, Fla., interviewed by the BBC on Day 2 of the British Open, 7/20/2007


    i think he lives next door.

  26. Jettomatika 8.11.2007

    Did you have some icetea waiting on him when he got home?


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