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Because I had to ensmallen it so as to not jack up my site, here is the breakdown:

78% – Marcia Cross

78% – Izabella Scorupco

74% – Alexis Bledel

73% – Amanda Seyfried

72% – Ali Landry

72% – Alicia Silverstone

71% – Bebe Neuwirth

71% – Kristanna Loken


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true story.

Today there was a woman who was not blessed with height. She was making fun of this trait in herself, so I good-naturedly joined in and called her ‘Stubby’ once or twice. It was about a minute before I noticed that she was missing the index finger on her left hand; she had a stub there instead.

Hi, have we met? My name is Jett and I’m pretty much an asshole.

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The State Of Things Today

My hair=wickedly awesome

My attitude=decidedly shit

I would like to thank Clayton from the bottom of my heart for drunkdialed voicemails. Thank you, Clay, for telling me it’s ten o’clock with deep, deep sarcasm in your voice. YOU ARE A PRIZE, MY GOOD MAN. Sometimes the random voicemail keeps me going.

I would like to tell all of the rest of you people it is bloody well way past ‘hotter than four hells’ here. I think I’m soaking up everyone else’s unrest and twitchiness, for I am one ill-natured motherfucker. The cosmos appears to have given me an extra quarter turn, and I feel like I’m primed to snap any fucking second.

“Today’s high will be one-hundred and five.”

Here’s some hilarious stuff: In conversation with my pastor-slash-friend this weekend, he told me of a woman who was ‘offended’ by my string of epithets when I was highly stressed one afternoon. “Funny,” I told him, “I was highly offended by the fact that she and her junkie friend were all hoppped up on methamphetamine that same afternoon.” Difference is, I didn’t let it ass me, and I did that ‘give it to God’ thing that so many Christians are fond of talking a ring around. For we have all sinned and come short of the glory.

Selah and selah and happily ever after.

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A Recounting

Just an eensy brush-up on all the children and their ages:

Piper, 17

Sam, 15

Scout, 13

Mathias, 8

Lili, 7

As you might imagine, there is never-no-never any yelling on the first day of school.

This morning, as we were dancing around one another in the kitchen getting lunches ready and packed, I seized Scout up in my arms (she only just comes up to my chin and doesn’t show signs of getting much taller at all), squished her to me and hollered, “OH, MY BAYYYYYBEEEEE, MY EEDLE GIRL, HAPPY FIRST DAY OF HIGH SCHOOL!” I then went on fixedly and solemnly about my business, just as before.

She looked across the counter at Piper, smirked sardonically, and said, “See? I told you so.” She’d bet Piper morning breakfast that I could not let the moment pass without marking it in some way, so Piper ended up buying the biscuits this morning.

So that you have some perspective on this whole thing, let’s review what three-fifths of the Superior Children looked like the first day that girl started junior high:

:: three short years ago ::

The one on the left has quite long red and turqoise hair and some really smokin’ curves now. “All my friends think you’re hot, you know that?” Sam tells her. She is hot. And quiet and studious, which I’m told makes her hotter.

The one in the middle is nearly to my shoulder. He adores Bionicles and has recently started his own ‘zine with carefully-drawn comics in sloppily-rendered panels. He is a mad scientist and spastic elementary-schooler all rolled into one.

The one on the right is now six-one and has traded his specs for contacts; to quote one of my bests, “Jesus, he’s a handsome fuck.” He has exactly two interests: Guitar and cheerleaders. He is pretty effortlessly brilliant with the former while being flummoxed with regard to the latter.

I can’t believe the amount of stuff that has been crammed into the last three years….all the changes and adventures and twists of fate. Amazing.

Can’t we have a Picnic Of The Sexes instead? Everybody loves picnics.

I flickrd one of my favorite photos of Scout recently. That same day someone favorited it. Last week I received notice that someone else favorited it, as well as inviting me me to my first flickr group, lots of which are invite-only.

Kind of cool, maybe? Then I followed up and started reading:

“Ginotropia” is the lifestyle I invented for defining my place in the world: I stand for female supremacy. I think feminine is superior, and masculine is inferior. I don’t believe in equality. Women carry life inside –gestation- (anabolism) and face blood each month –menstruation- (catabolism), two beautiful things men can’t experiment, so men have to invent dumb things and make meaningless war trying to reach, in a shallow level, creation and destruction, two forces of our earthly bipolar nature. My “Ginotropia” titled fictional tale (1998) tells about “The Beginning”: into the sun and every other star, feminine is the only and true gender, male was accidentally made outside of stars just for living in this binary system. There’s no such thing as male force in unity.

I don’t believe in equality.” Well, I believe in different but equal. I believe men and women have inherent, as-far-as-east-is-from-west dissonances, but that we complement one another nicely in spite of (and lots of times, because of) that exact thing.

I also believe that a bigoted jackass is a bigoted jackass, and having tits and a twat don’t preclude you from being socially blind and stupid-sexist. It’s just an unfortunate shame that she’s so fucking talented, because now I’m sort of sad that we won’t be getting to know one another.

pee ess….once again and for the record, I LOVE ME SOME MENFOLKS.

Let’s get all chatty up in my commentses today.

How’s you? Tell mama about it.