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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 29, 2007 || 3:08 pm

the shutterfly effect

Does everyone remember Dario? He was the Italian man who, some eight years ago, was homesick for family and friends and hometown. In light of this fact, he wrote his bests a letter proposing that they meet at a specific location eight years later.

Well, he and I have corresponded a little bit, and the last thing he sent was this:

“You can’t imagine how proud we are knowing that the story of our meeting went all around the world! I saw that you linked to my blog… I’m not writing a lot on it, unfortunately… I think I can express much better myself through the photos…

“Thank you again!


“P.S. I sent the link of your blog to all the guys who came to the dinner and someone said “we should meet in USA next times!” It will be on the 15th May 2015!” ;-)


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  1. Emma Liar 8.29.2007

    That’s perfect! Are you planning to join them, or has May 15th, 2015 already been spoken for on your social calendar?


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