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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 14, 2007 || 8:37 am

The State Of Things Today

My hair=wickedly awesome

My attitude=decidedly shit

I would like to thank Clayton from the bottom of my heart for drunkdialed voicemails. Thank you, Clay, for telling me it’s ten o’clock with deep, deep sarcasm in your voice. YOU ARE A PRIZE, MY GOOD MAN. Sometimes the random voicemail keeps me going.

I would like to tell all of the rest of you people it is bloody well way past ‘hotter than four hells’ here. I think I’m soaking up everyone else’s unrest and twitchiness, for I am one ill-natured motherfucker. The cosmos appears to have given me an extra quarter turn, and I feel like I’m primed to snap any fucking second.

“Today’s high will be one-hundred and five.”

Here’s some hilarious stuff: In conversation with my pastor-slash-friend this weekend, he told me of a woman who was ‘offended’ by my string of epithets when I was highly stressed one afternoon. “Funny,” I told him, “I was highly offended by the fact that she and her junkie friend were all hoppped up on methamphetamine that same afternoon.” Difference is, I didn’t let it ass me, and I did that ‘give it to God’ thing that so many Christians are fond of talking a ring around. For we have all sinned and come short of the glory.

Selah and selah and happily ever after.

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  1. c 8.14.2007

    i think i may have tried to call last night but i don’t remember…




  2. Jettomatika 8.14.2007

    LOOK, I have a present. I’m sorry it’s not done.

    Who gone and messed up your birthday? Are you still in Ell Ay? ANSWER ME!

  3. c 8.14.2007

    nope. i’m back in houston.

  4. skillzy 8.14.2007

    Hey I checked the Gideon’s here at the Hampton Inn in Greenville and there is nothing about not taking meth in it. I am on my way to Pensacola so you might get some drunk dialin from McGuire’s or some titty bar in the next couple nights.

  5. Jettomatika 8.15.2007

    YEEEHAAAAAH! Tell the boys on the base I said “Fly low and keep your eye on the target.”

    They’ll know what you mean. >:O)

  6. skillzy 8.16.2007

    I don’t associate with wing nuts. I am a steely eyed killer of the deep.

  7. c 8.17.2007

    that’s hawt

  8. john 8.18.2007

    I have a friend that has “perfect” timing when he decides to spew random curses or animal noises via my cell’s “direct connect.” Usually I’m in line. At times, I it gives me the chance to say things like, “My poor friend thinks he’s a donkey and this fried chicken here is his favorite.”


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