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Jett Superior laid this on you on || August 18, 2007 || 4:02 pm


Because I had to ensmallen it so as to not jack up my site, here is the breakdown:

78% – Marcia Cross

78% – Izabella Scorupco

74% – Alexis Bledel

73% – Amanda Seyfried

72% – Ali Landry

72% – Alicia Silverstone

71% – Bebe Neuwirth

71% – Kristanna Loken


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  1. Shamrock 8.18.2007

    I am surprised that Christina Ricci wasn’t on that list.

  2. chris robinson 8.19.2007

    Where is Faye Dunaway? (The young FD from early Altman and “The Eyes of Laura Mars”.)

  3. Jettomatika 8.20.2007

    It’s always funny to hear who people might compare you to. When I was younger, before my cheekbones started showing up, I got Belinda Carlisle a lot. Ever since Silverstone arrived on the scene, I’ve heard that a fair bit. I think we do a similar thing with our mouths and maybe make some of the same faces. Mostly, though, I think it’s because we both look very ‘Poster Child For The Aryan Nation’.

    Shammy, I’m interested in the Ricci comparison…what lends to that? Massive fiveheads, perhaps? I’ve always adored her abilities: Her matter-of-fact delivery slays me every time.

    And Chris, I’ve never heard Dunaway, but I’m flattered, as I’ve always thought she was gorgeous. She is reminiscent of my mother to me, so it kind of makes sense that you’d say so.

  4. Shamrock 8.20.2007

    I think it’s the heart-shape of your face that reminds me of Ricci. I can’t really say, it’s just what struck me when I saw all the other pictures.


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