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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 6, 2007 || 2:42 pm

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When the United States Central Intelligence Agency sets up a command post in the parking lot of a small church in the tiny-ish hamlet of Crossville, Alabama, that is Kind Of A Big Fucking Deal.

Just so you know and all.

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  1. Emma Liar 9.7.2007

    Holy crap! Dare I ask why the CIA is setting up in Crossville, AL? Or should I maybe just go read the front page of any newspaper? (I’m dreadfully out of touch with the current events.)

  2. skillzy 9.7.2007

    OK, if I was CIA, my command post would be unmarked and inconspicuous. And outside the continental US. Unless I was recruiting. Are you sure it wasn’t the latest incarnation of Candid Camera?

  3. skillzy 9.7.2007
  4. Jettomatika 9.7.2007

    While the fibbies are indeed very visible this week, I have it on good authority that there is a CIA presence here. Also noted are people that have been arrested that haven’t showed up on ANYone’s roster yet.


  5. Jettomatika 9.7.2007

    …and I never said that the setup or the agents were marked. DETAILS, mon frere.

  6. skillzy 9.9.2007

    Man, if some clowns stole my “I’m in the CIA” routine, Imma be SOOOO PISSSEEDDDD!

  7. Suzanne 9.13.2007

    So… any scoop on what was going down?


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