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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 7, 2007 || 12:24 am

Friday sing-along, beeshes.

Go here for accompaniment.

Aaaand, your lyric sheet:

One-two, one-two, three-four

Come inside my pain cave, and I’ll bludgeon you.

You don’t have to scream, because your ears are bleeding.

That’s perfectly normal when someone bludgeons you.

The bleeding part that I was just referring to.

Paaaaaaain Caaaaaaave

Paaaaaaain Caaaaaaave

Paaaaaaain Caaaaaaave

Paaaaaaain Caaaaaaave

Paaaaaaain… (big finish!)


(nirvana eat your heart out!)

Pretty, pretty pain cave

(Pain cave)

Pretty, pretty pain cave

(So pretty the cave we spoke of!)

Pretty, pretty pain cave in the pain cave

(If it wasn’t pretty we wouldn’t call it pretty!)

Come into my pretty pretty pain cave.

Come into my pretty pretty pain cave.

Come into my pretty pretty pain caaave…

(wooo! alright! good one! rock on! okay! that was the long version!)

For time out of mind Maxim has sung the words ‘Pretty, pretty pain cave, paaaain caaaave’ at me. When we played music together in the waybackwhen, he would joke toward me while we all practiced, “That’s you, Jett. You’re our Pretty Pretty Pain Cave.”

The other day I decided, “That’s it, damnit, I’m having shirts printed up with Pretty Pretty Pain Cave emblazoned across the chest.” It’s gonna be done in a messy, flowery, scrolly script. I might be persuaded to take orders for same.

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  1. Shamrock 9.7.2007

    Although I think of myself more as a pain CHASM, sign me up. I’ll buy several. (And boy, does that word look weird all in caps like that.)


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