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Jett Superior laid this on you on || September 25, 2007 || 10:55 am

glorified linkdump

Some stumblereading/browsing:

it is mainly used to denote the science of major mental paradigm shifts”

“Slang, profanities, insults and vulgarisms from all the world.”

But at least, when you go on American Idol, sing the song with some damn conviction! It’s not your song to butcher with your mindless drone!”

“We are happy to work with family drawings, poems or photos to make the design completely individual for your child.”

We have more Gods than you can shake a stick at.”

“Unicode’s success at unifying character sets has led to its widespread and predominant use…”

“3 Original Songs”

Fast-forward through the boring parts of life.”

and, as an aside, I would like to know what happened to/with Jesus in those intervening two-ish decades. That bit has been driving me pretty silly-crazy for the past several months.

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  1. Jeff Watkins 9.25.2007

    Thanks for linking my thoughts on the Idol conclusion. I was commenting on Green Day singing a John Lennon song. Sad.


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