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|| October 31, 2007 || 3:34 pm || Comments (0) ||

holiday listening

So, in keeping with the spirit of the day, I pulled out my WaxTrax Black Box Set, dusted it off and put it on. LOUD.

It’s perfeckt for All Hallow’s Eve: It has the number thirteen on the box and the extended-mix version of ‘Virus’ by KMFDM, which is a creepy-great song about vampirism.

I’ve been eating way to much chocolate today (*shame!*) and am now feeling kind of ‘pleh‘.

UPDATE: The UPS guy just came in and petted my wings. Awesome.

|| October 31, 2007 || 10:21 am || Comments (1) ||

*the* Halloween post

On Monday we agreed to dress as faeries for Halloween. Tessa observed me for about thirty seconds, real hard, after the two of us arrived to work this morning. She then sniffed in disgust.

“You look like the faerie that lives in Beverly Hills and I look like the faerie that works a corner downtown!

“That’s exactly it: You’re the faerie that goes home in the evenings to her house in Bel-Air; I’m the one that squats at a Motel Six.


“Your legs look great in those fishnets,” I told her hopefully.

She felt much better once we got the fan of silver metallic lashes mounted to her eyelids. Matter of fact, I’d go so far as to say that she is busy owning the role of the Motel Six Faerie.

There are pictures, but Tess forgot the cord to her camera and our computers –which are so old as to be crafted of sticks and concrete– don’t have the proper media slots. So you’ll have to go without and for that I humbly apologize.

|| October 29, 2007 || 11:10 pm || Comments (2) ||

(in full being)

dipped in drawl
:: dipped in drawl ::

the feminine mystique
:: the feminine mystique ::

the great unknown
:: the great unknown ::

southern rock
:: southern rock ::

|| October 25, 2007 || 10:55 pm || Comments (4) ||

you just wait and see-eeee

Someday I will find just exactly the right green dress. When that day comes, I will procure it.

After that I’ll probably wear it, like, every other day or something.


I got more heart than Hallmark on Valentine’s Day.

some days my desire for sex is so strong and insistent as to be maddening

but sometimes the same can be said of my desire for orange juice, so what of it?

|| October 24, 2007 || 12:02 pm || Comments (2) ||

duly note

I’m of the mind that all public, unisex bathrooms should have a sign:

Put the seat down or get a beatdown.”

|| October 23, 2007 || 8:01 pm || Comments (4) ||

making their mothers proud

“We are here to laugh at the odds and live our lives so well that Death will tremble to take us.”

// Charles Bukowski

making their mothers proud
:: boys are remarkable ::

For those of you short in the memory department, that is Sam there in the middle. To his right (“Look, there’s me holding you again.”) is Jay, who you might recall answered a very important question Sam posed when they were ten: Should he run away, he’d go “To the Waffle House.”

To Samuel’s left is Mill, whose MySpace profile says, “I wear pants that fit me well, I like women.” and lists Jesus, Dimebag Darrell and Zakk Wylde as the people he’d like to meet. As you can imagine, I pretty much adore this kid.