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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 3, 2007 || 4:54 pm

hands-down, I get *the best* voice mails


“You shoulda seen me tryin’ ta explain at three in the mornin’ why a girl would call me that I’ve never met.

*clears throat*

“I’m not Fred Astaire, I’m, mmmmm, more of a Gene Kelly type, but…. that was tap dancing at its very finest.”

He and I are only just friends and always will be Only Just Friends, but I have to just tell you that the way he said ‘finest’, with sort of a full-rounded hiss-emphasis on the ess, was Really Fucking Hot. And Ella Fitzgerald (best I can tell) was playing in the background, doubling the hotness factor.

To him, I say, all you had to tell her was that “…she’s a Portry-Loving Insomniac Drunk, sweetcheeks, Just Like Me. We would have No Business In The Universe being romantically (or lustfully, or whatever other adjective suits) involved. You’ve nothing atall to worry about.”

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  1. c 10.4.2007

    you had me at drunk

  2. Jettomatika 10.4.2007

    I wish I could promise you bling, dear, but drunkenness and literacy are all I got.

    Alas, the girls of the Pink Pony will have to do.

  3. W 10.4.2007


  4. Jettomatika 10.5.2007


    …to you, for you, rinse and repeat.



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