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Jett Superior laid this on you on || October 22, 2007 || 11:31 am

! more audience participation !

I know you are EXCITED.

So, this weekend the fam and I will be embarking on a road trip. Whenever I go through a lottery state, I’ll spend about twenty bucks on scratch-offs (like a crazed gambling junkie, yo), which I am amazingly gifted at in the luck department. For trues, I most always win at least the amount of cash I’ve invested; I may have, however, just sledgehammered that little bit of fortune by speaking about it with you, delicious reader. Maybe not, though, since I’ve shared about my Good Parking Space Mojo before and it seems to have gone unaffected from an adversity standpoint.

Another thing I do is to drop a fiver on the MegaMillions lottery. I look at it from this standpoint: That’s five less dollars-worth of damage to my liver or one less bath bomb every three or four months. My MegaMillions mojo is not as powerful as my scratch-off mojo, though. This is where you Muffinassedly Folk come in. Give me your best numbers! If you want to play a full ticket, that’s five numbers ranging from one to fifty-six and a single powerball number from one to forty-six. If you don’t want to play a full ticket, throw me some good bones.

I want all you shy, backgrounder types (Robinson! Brynne! Rod!) to play along, too. Should I win big –like, to the tune of six digits or better– and become a dastardly, evil jetsetting tycoon world-travelling philanthropist, I’ll slide you a *minimum* of a hunnert bux for every number supplied by you that hits. Let’s do the dang thang!

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  1. c 10.22.2007


    …always has been since I was born on Friday the.

    There are no other numbers… well, besides 42.

  2. RDB 10.22.2007


  3. Coelecanth 10.22.2007

    42 and 23.

  4. Shamrock 10.23.2007

    Can I second the 13 and 23? I think they’re especially powerful since more than one of us muffinasses picked them. Elevenses are also special to me because they look so orderly. 11 11 11 11 . . .

  5. Jettomatika 10.26.2007

    I leave in twelve hours!


  6. brynne 10.31.2007

    duuude… where have I BEEN? I LUFF picking out numbers.



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