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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 7, 2007 || 5:48 pm

a little something.

I adore some jewelry by Jes MaHarry, but honestly?

Were a boy to gather up a bouquet of Sharpies in every last color they manufacture, all hanked up in a wide grosgrain ribbon, I’d think that was one of the grandest romantic gestures toward me, like, ever.

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  1. jen 11.7.2007

    chisel tip or fine point. because, no matter the ribbon – if the point ain’t right – no deal.

    btw – jr. has a major affinity for this here jeweler: http://jeaninepayer.com/ – to which i say, wrap my sharpies in one of these:

    (not sure how that jiffy pop-up is gonna fly here…but you know, do the cut and pastie thing if no go)

  2. RDB 11.7.2007

    Am I the only one that has noticed that that “complete range of Sharpies” doesn’t include Metallic Silver?

  3. skillzy 11.8.2007

    FYI, Sharpie tattoos rub off on the sheets. Big time.

  4. Man, it’s Someone Special’s birthday this coming Monday. I spent all day on Saturday being snickered upon by young girlies who thought it was funny as all hell that a bearded man was slaving over a necklace at a bead shop in the central city. Bastardettes. Almost as bad as that sentence structure.

  5. Jettomatika 11.12.2007

    Daniel, I despise them rightly and roundly on your behalf. B(e)ad things will happen to them tomorrow.

    Baaaad, BAD things.


  6. I can see the headlines now. “GIRL, 13, CHOKES ON $3.10c OF LILAC BEADS” “GAGGLE OF GIGGLING GIRLS SILENCED”

  7. Jettomatika 11.13.2007

    Daniel, upon further consideration, I think you are missing the true angle here: Those girls thought you were cuuuu-uuuuute.

    Cos you are. Der.


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