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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 6, 2007 || 2:17 pm

(busy fishin’ for my bootstraps)

I came here with a fat lot of things to say, really, but it pretty much boils down to approximately four things…only two of which I have the words for right at this minute:

I don’t have to be happy — I’d settle for oblivious and antidepressed;

I don’t have to be sweet — I’d settle for passive and uncruel.

And to Brynne, Amazing Muffinass The First, congratulations on your news! This next six or seven months will seem tediously long at times, but before you know it you will blink and she will be here. Oh, I’m sorry, did I mention that you are having a girl? My babyometer is one of my flashier, more unwavering talents.

Of course –just like everyone else– I think it would be to her benefit were you to name her after me. You do want her to be sugar and spice and everything kickass, yes?

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  1. skillzy 11.7.2007

    I read something the other day that basically said, “if you want to find contentment, stop running around hunting for happiness. be happy with what you got.”

    Personally, I am one contented, laid back mofo right now.

  2. chris robinson 11.7.2007

    Sometimes I think contentment is overrated. While rage is not a terribly helpful emotion, there is a healthy degree of anger and discontent that gives me a head of steam to do some creative things, and to keep things from really getting out of hand. In even the best relationships, moments of anger reduce the amount of combustible material and prevent major conflagration. But I do understand Skillzy’s point about enjoying the present and enjoying the peace you’ve been granted.

  3. brynne 11.7.2007

    Thanks for the congrats! A girl, eh? Wellll that seems to be the unanimous concensus from all the people I know who claim to know these things, oddly enough. Or maybe not so oddly.

    Yep… slow going so far. Not sick anymore, that came fast enough thank you… but since I can neither see nor feel this lil thing in me, I am increasingly more anxious for her to start kicking or punching or some other form of wrigglement.

    I’m just happy that I am still easily fitting in mah jeans.


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