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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 26, 2007 || 9:25 pm

Quick, somebody work the brakes.

I’m not big on television viewing for the most part, but there are a couple of shows I watch with a fair regularity. One of these I want to be horribly ashamed to admit to, but I can’t bring myself to the point of emotional flagellation over this shlock, this particular bit of garbage I suck into my brain.

Yes, boys and girls, I speak of I Love New York 2 (or EnnWhyDeuce, as those in the know* chance to call it). It makes me hoot and holler and nearly Maybe Pee Just A Little. I imagine –in my own little delightful way– that most of it is loosely scripted, but the producers throw her a curveball every now and again to pull everything down closer to actual reality. Just to gauge her reactions, you know, to somewhat inject a baser sense of humanity in there. Part of the amusement for me lies in the campiness of it all; the other part lies in trying to discern those actual, nearly-for-real moments from the blatant charlatanry (I have visions of someone in the background aping it up and hollering, “Circussy, WE NEED TO MAKE IT MORE CIRCUSSY ALTOGHETHER! Give me MORRRRE!”).

So, ultimately what I’m saying is that I don’t take it too terribly seriously. It’s supposed to be ignorant, for ham and hell. I get that, like, to the nth degree.

Tonight, though….tonight what I saw did not amuse me in the slightest. The closer the show came to a close, the more and more agitated I became. Some people watch this, I thought to myself, and actually do believe it to be real. And it didn’t seem to me to be quite as funny anymore, because there were men and women out there watching that probably will be influenced by it on some level.

And just let me tell you, Mighty Muffinasses, the pussification of the American male is in no way entertaining or an attractive concept to me. Fuck that noise.

*me, and whoever just read that

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