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Jett Superior laid this on you on || November 12, 2007 || 12:39 pm

Yet another lame pronouncement.

I have decided that, in the (unlikely) event that I become a (public) porn star, I would like my screen name to be Flexie Bell.

I’m a damn genius, I tell you.

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  1. MotherFury 11.12.2007

    Mine is supposed to be “Fluffy Clinton”…

  2. chris robinson 11.12.2007

    Suddenly I realize that I need a porn name too. Seventies porn music is playing in my head. Or maybe its the theme for “Shaft.” In any case, I desperate for suggestions.

  3. Shamrock 11.12.2007

    Mine was gonna be Bootsie LaMoreaux. That was using the old “name of your first pet + mom’s maiden name” trick. Mother, was that your recipe too?

  4. Haha. Ha.


  5. Jettomatika 11.12.2007

    Wait, were I to use Shamrock’s Method (pr0n title, pr0n tiiiiitle!) I would be named Russell SomethingIrish.

    Oh Lord.

  6. skillzy 11.13.2007

    Mine would be Housegit McEwen. Never ask a 5 year old to name a dog.

  7. redclay 11.16.2007

    girl i used to know called me smooth hard. not royalty in the pantheon of porn names, but she did swear it was accurate.

  8. Jettomatika 11.17.2007



  9. MotherFury 11.17.2007

    Shamrock, no – I used first pet + street you grew up on.

    Skillzy… I think we might be related. by marriage, once or twice removed.

    *woo* scary the things you find out on the interweb.


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