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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 21, 2007 || 10:49 pm

No really, I’ll call you and tell you marvelous tales. Most of them will be one-hundred percent for real and for trues.

I think I want an original Speak & Spell. Hold on, let me check.

Yep, that’d be correct: I want an original Speak & Spell. I’m still holding out for most of the items on the ongoing list that I published last year, but the Speak & Spell of bygone days is a recent obsessive fascination. There are things I want to do with it.

Commencing about ten hours ago, I have five days off from work, wheeee! I will be the victim of various cocktail parties; you can be the recipient of the positive overflow. Who wants to be drunkdialed?

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  1. witchypoo 12.23.2007

    I’m fascinated, wondering what things you have planned for Speak and Spell. I do remember the fun I had with See and Say when I was a teenager.

  2. skillzy 12.24.2007

    I’d love a drunkdial. Hell, I’ll settle for a soberdial. Or a nice text.

    Merry Xmas – Eye of the Tiger, baby,



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