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Jett Superior laid this on you on || December 19, 2007 || 9:10 am


I did not win the lottery this week.

However, I am not bitter about this.

How’s y’all?

(Lots of improptu roadtrippin’=sporadic updating)

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  1. Shamrock 12.19.2007

    I did not win the lottery either and I am just as stupidly happy as I was last week. Go figure.

  2. chris robinson 12.20.2007

    I lost the genetic lottery. But I’m not bitter either.

  3. Suzanne 12.21.2007

    I’m holding out hopes for the big “holiday raffle” in GA. Show me da money!

  4. skillzy 12.21.2007

    I feel like I won the lottery when I met you.


  5. Jettomatika 12.22.2007

    Chris: I don’t see how you can say that. You have some of the most amazing blue eyes, like, ever.


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