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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 15, 2008 || 10:46 am

Snippet from a catch-up email, because it made me cry.

(but only just a little, because my tears are made of powerful stuffs like battery acid and such)

“I’ve been up and down. Mostly in a positive direction, though, so that is good. Lessee, I died in ‘05 (only for a minute, though, thank god for ridiculously sexy EMTs), and have spent the last two years finding out just who I am and how much I like that person. It’s been good. As it turns out a brush with the great beyond gives you a good deal of sharp, unmitigated focus, when the universe decides that your stay in the mortal coil isn’t did, yet.

“So, I changed my major (psych…gonna be a sex therapist), and am loving it. The last two years really just has been about me running around in my head working out my shit. I’m a strong advocate of the fearless and searching self-inventory, and I’ve really done a lot of growing the fuck up in that process.

“Even enough to share real emotions with another person in a guileless, unadulterated way that leads to very Notebook-esque statments about the nature of our feelings, but which does not leave me with a sense of angst at the ridiculousness of it all.”

Oh my friend, thank you. You don’t know how very much I needed to hear these things from someone, anyone (and what delight that it was YOU!) that particular night. You’n'me, we’s gonna be just fiiiine. <3

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