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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 3, 2008 || 11:05 pm

It’s relative. Every bit of it is.

Last night –straight up outta the bowels of nowhere– Mathias flung his arms wide and said, “Marting Luther King set us all FREEEEE!” It was a random, “….the fuck?” moment, as we other five Superiors were ringed around the dinner table and discussing something totally unrelated to MLK Jr. or freedom or even civil rights.

This is the way Mathias, oh He Of Spastic Brain, works. It is also why, some six months into knowing the kid, our pastor gently queried, “How long have you known he is autistic?” This was so great in so very many ways that I cannot even begin the explaining of it to you with any sort of brevity. We’ll just leave it at ‘great in so many ways’ and I’ll follow up by telling you that Maxim and I looked at one another for about a half second, our eyebrows creeping up our foreheads, and burst into barky laughter.

Since I am the wordy one and was also the first one to gain some composure, I told him sweetly, “Oh, he’s not autistic; he’s just a really weird kid. A really brilliant, weird kid.” I didn’t go on to espouse just how goldang handsome he is, because that would be painfully and obviously redundant. And who wants to be a showoff anyway, you know?

So we don’t know what triggered last night’s gleeful outburst, but the whole of the Superior clan exploded into immediate and overwhelmed laughter. Everyone, that is, but me. Oh, killjoy shmilljoy. Shut up.

I reined all the rest of the yayhoos in and began to explain that it was Martin Luther King, Jr. and he didn’t set anybody free, per se, just shoved a few things into the spotlight in order to affect change in those arenas. We talked about what segregation, about suppression. I talked about how he brought civil disobedience to the forefront as a viable means of protest in the United States. There was who he represented and the whys of that to consider.

After I was sure there was at least a foundational understanding there I quit the topic. After a moment, Mathias turned to me, face serious.

“I have a very important question,” he said to me.

“Okay, lay it on me.”

“Can I have a cookie? I haven’t had any sweets today.”

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