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Jett Superior laid this on you on || January 8, 2008 || 11:32 pm

This versus That

SO, I once had this roommate who was pretty much a whore, only the cost of getting to sleep with her was a trip to the drug store for new cosmetics.

The girl had a ton of make-up, man.

I also once had a stripper for a roommate. Out of the two of them, I much preferred the stripper. Seemed somehow more honest to me.

In other news, sheesh I love some new tube socks.

In even more other news, Tess wants to train for a half-marathon. My everything hurts. MY EVERYTHING. Most annoying, however, is the ache beneath my collar bones. I keep pounding my chest in order to keep it at bay. These efforts are without much success.

I reserve the right to slap random, rambly addenda to this entry as I see fit.

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  1. skillzy 1.9.2008

    I think my new porn star name is gonna be Slap Random.

  2. brynne 1.9.2008

    and in other, other news… well, maybe not news to you because you totally called it–

    It’s a girrrrl.


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