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Jett Superior laid this on you on || February 19, 2008 || 4:15 pm

All in a day’s work.

Today I had a partially immobile patient who kept apologizing about ‘how slow I am’. I continually reassure her when she is here, because it’s not like she is not trying. I got no kinds of patience for people that don’t make some sort of effort.

So as she was climbing the stairs, she apologized about two times per stair, which meant a total of six apologies over the course of about four feet of distance. I kept saying things along the lines of “You’re fiiiiine.” and “Take your time, we’re good!” When she ultimately got to the top stair and grabbed hold of the walker I stood there waiting with, she issued one more apology.

I said, “Sue, if I wanted you to move any faster, I’d strap rockets to your butt.” Tess, who was –unbeknownst to me– behind her, popped over her shoulder and exclaimed, “And I’ll strike the match to light ‘em!” enthusiastically.

The other patients waiting in the lobby giggled and hawed over that one for a minute.

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